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Kentucky's Candidates for Governor

There are three candidates, so far, for Governor of Kentucky in the next cycle, Matt Bevin , Andy Beshear and Rocky Adkins . Kentucky currently has a tax and revenue system that is cutting edge state of the art if you were living in 1948.   None of the current candidates have a clue how to address the issue.   Bevin, is attempting to make Sam Brownback look good as a Governor.   Beshear is recycling his Dad’s idea of legalizing gambling as a panacea for the problem.   Adkins, well Adkins has been in the state legislature for 31 years, one would think if he had a clue what to do he would have already tried to do it.   The problem with Kentucky’s finances has been, and still is, a group effort, Governors and Legislatures for several decades have exhibited a monumental level of incompetence.   This is not a Democrat or Republican problem.   This is a professional politician problem. They will say or do anything to get elected. A candidate that comes up with a plan to term li