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Showing posts from November 29, 2018

Richard Ojeda

I get a lot of email from all across the political spectrum wanting me to donate.   I seldom read them but this guy I like.   I even gave him money when he ran for the House of Representatives.   He has tapped in to the same truth that Sherrod Brown has, if democrats are going to fragment Trump’s base it will be on blue collar economics. Here’s the email: Hey Ralph --  This is unacceptable. Taxpayers bailed out GM. And this year, GM got another $150 million dollar tax giveaway courtesy of Donald Trump. And now, just before the holidays, they have stabbed their workers in the back by announcing massive layoffs.  Support our fight for the working class citizen:  Donate Now   Make no mistake, this will devastate thousands of families just before Christmastime. And it will also deal a heavy blow to the unions who are the only ones fighting to make life decent for American workers. These corporate executives and their politician friends don’t care about the working c